I have recently bought a very nice white blazer from Mango. I find it quite sleek.. why? Well, it’s white, and it looks different to the usual conventional business kind of black blazers that people not only wear to work, but also simply out, to clubs etc. Back to white. I find white blazers to look quite chic, as well as formal. Result? Classy!
Here is a lovely article on “chic”, by the way.

So here are a few takes from Lookbook.nu on the blazerette theme. (new word has been born into the world?)
None of these are mine and at the moment I can’t really give credits since I just saved them in a folder for reference (inspiration should I say?) without names..
Anyhow, I am very excited to my white blazer, except that it has gotten pretty cold lately. (Funny thing – last week the temperature was like “Guys take off yo clothes and prepare for summer”, but now it’s like “Yeah right, I’m only joking!”) Upsetting, isn’t it? No matter how much I love winter (and in Cyprus it’s not really winter..), I really want the temperature to go up and sun to shine through the clear blue skies. Until then, my lovely blazer can continue spending its time in the closet..

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Everyone loves food, right? Or at least I think they do.. Well, I do! And well, going straight to the point, this photographer will make you food-needy! (is there even such a phrase?) Right now I am working on my A level photography second project, which will be very small (it’s portraits), but since it’s related to food, I can say that obviously Carl Warner is a huge inspiration over here! I don’t think the word “amazing” covers this. Do you share my view? Yes yes?

Do You feel like riding the Chocolate Express or bathing in the Raspberry River?
I feel like I want to just throw his whole series in here. I won’t go that far, but I will post a ton of it, so I will just post two images on the main page and the rest of the amazing food art work is around the click!

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Nowadays many people try long exposure photography in attempts to capture interesting images of city, night sky and other things. But not many are as successful as Terence Chang, who brings originality to the table.

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Here’s some sweet wish-woosh of hair and femininity in black and white, with the best at the end, to make Your day just a bit more interesting.

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Happy New Year to everyone! I have not been here for what feels like months, but I am back and ready to continue posting (:

I did not search for anything specific, but somehow I landed on, Mohan Duwal. Usually, I am used to following mainly portrait photographers, but his work is brilliant and in my opinion, quite something. He might be capturing simple small things like flowers, lady birds or something bigger, for instance, landscapes, but he presents it in such an interesting and colorful way, that it is hard not to like. And if before you were a lover of retrato (portrait), like me, now you will find a lot more beauty in Macro than you already have. What to say, his landscapes are also amazing.
Find him here:

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I have been so busy the past week, that unfortunately I have not found any time to post anything new. I was finishing my coursework, been busy with a film workshop and a Top Class Show preparations for this week. So that literally left me no free time.

But this madness is very soon to be over and I will be back shortly.
PS. I am also planning on launching a second blog in the coming weeks, which will be on a slightly different angle than this. (:

Why are illustrated men always so handsome?
Can not stop staring at this cover of February 1987..
Does anyone want this Interview mag?
You can oder here: http://www.fashionillustrationgallery.com/store/interview-feb-1987-richard-bernstein/

Cover designed and painted by Bernstein starring Charlie Sheen photographed by Greg Gorman


I am a lover of short films and fashion advertisements that have a small story behind them and some depth.
This is one of the fashion films that I am captivated by. First time I saw it was back in September. I still remember it and it was imprinted in my head like something amazing, which you see and think “wow”, which makes You want to create films like this..
So here’s HERESY.

So, I was just browsing around, when… ROBERT TIRADO!
I like illustration, but I am just in love with his. This is a full inspiration rain.
I really have no words, so I will just let You explore him yourself!

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I am very excited to be writing this post, because this is something that I am really excited about. Mint Sweaters.
which I am in search for at the moment.
I love the color Mint. Hence my page title is in Mint. Hence my Tumblr page name is Mint. I just have absolute, passionate love for Mint.
Here is a choice of few different sweaters in Mint  that I have found. These are not the final picks, but they are just darling.
What is Your color obsession right now?


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